Amanda Johns holds degrees in Advertising and Business from the University of Tennessee where she focused on creating directive selling techniques. Amanda continued to work in Advertising until joining Southwestern Consulting in 2006. Southwestern Consulting is an international, multi-million dollar sales training organization who works with companies such as Wells Fargo, DIRECTV, Keller Williams and AFLAC.

Amanda Johns is a Sr Partner at Southwestern Consulting and Founder of Southwestern Speakers Bureau.  Amanda is a full time Sales Consultant, Executive Coach and Speaker.  She is the author of the upcoming books Selling to the Sexes and 4-Dimensonial Follow-Up.

Expert topics include:

Gender Communication:                   Selling to the Sexes
Client and Relationship Follow Up:    4-Dimensional Follow Up
Social Media:                                  Selling with Social Media

Selling to the Sexes:
Whether it’s talking to your spouse, reporting to your supervisor, working on projects with your colleagues, or calling on your clients, every day brings communication challenges between men and women.  Selling to the Sexes is a modern day message about understanding and mastering the general communication differences between genders in various business scenarios.

After performing hundreds of sales interviews in dozens of different industries over the course of four years, Amanda Johns has finally cracked the codes of communicating with the opposite gender. Through careful research and meticulous study Amanda has identified and categorized gender similarities in verbal and non-verbal communication, the underlying meaning behind our words, the nuances of dress and appearance, and the overall structure of how men and women act, react, buy and sell just a little bit differently. Her often humorous recap brings piercing clarity and empowering insights into understanding and relating to the subtle differences between how men and women think in today’s business environment.

4-Dimensional Follow Up:
Effective follow up is one of the most neglected and under utilized parts of the sales cycle.  It is also one of the fewest topics we spend time time training. Although it is proven it takes about 7x more effort, engery and time to generate new business over maintaining the client base you have we still don't make the time to implement effective follow up. 4-Dimensional Follow Up delves into how to use follow up in four primary parts of the sale; how to use follow up to set the appointmet, decrease cancellations, ensure the sale and maintain current client relationships.

Amanda digs into how to use technology to schedule and automate follow up, the power of the written word, social media and how to reach your prospects and current clients based on generational trends in today's market place. You will walk away learning what to do, when to do it, how to do it and why follow up is the key to customer loyalty.

Selling with Social Media:
Do you have Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter?

The answer is probably yes for the most part but do you really know how to utilize these sites to increase your business?  Generally, the answer to that question is no. Selling with Social Media uncovers some simple but under utilized functions of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to help you increase your prospect funnel, target referrals and maintain easy follow up with your current clients. Amanda focuses on the revenue generating side of social media and how to use it as an outbound prospecting source to increase your bottom line. She covers how to use it to sell, build a referral based business, follow up with clients and how to create a online recruiting machine based on your circle of influence.

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